About Jeff

Jeff Gusky is an emergency physician and National Geographic photographer. His life as an explorer and artist began in December, 1995 when acting on a hunch, he found an obscure remnant of a Nazi concentration camp. Since that day, he’s been on a quest to understand how civility can unravel and why terrorism remains. Jeff believes we face a Human Emergency caused by an invisible environmental crisis: unconscious tradeoffs we make when living immersed in high tech environments of incomprehensible, inhuman scale. These compromises disorient our moral compass and diminish our will to confront barbarism. His mission is to help people restore a human scale to their busy lives and recover healthy self-protective instincts. Jeff’s goal is to inspire hope and belief in a future where we find strength in human decency and safety in seeing human nature for what it is…permanently imperfect…with the potential to be immensely good and immensely evil. Jeff is also a TV host & producer, author of three books and a professional speaker.