About Jeff

Jeff Gusky is a National Geographic Photographer, ER Doctor, Explorer & Professional Speaker. He was the first fine art photographer to go behind the former Iron Curtain and document a Hidden World of the Holocaust … remnants of modern genocide hidden in plain sight during the communist era.

His life changed in 1995 when he found an obscure remnant of the Nazi concentration camp Plazow … where the story of Schindler’s List actually took place. Since then, Jeff has walked the grounds where millions have been slaughtered in modern times.

Jeff believes that modern societies around the globe are now experiencing a Human Emergency™ caused by rapidly accelerating dehumanization which leads to Addiction To Modern Life™. Millions are becoming fragile, self-destructive and blind to extreme danger. Addiction To Modern Life™ is now devastating and destabilizing free societies everywhere because addiction poisons conscience and conscience is critical to democracy.

In the emergency room, Jeff guides patients and families on a journey through darkness to light and always towards hope. It’s a journey that begins with seeing and avoiding imminent danger right before their eyes. There’s often a transformational moment when patients and families see danger clearly and soberly. In these moments, they find their strength, they find their courage … strength and courage they didn’t know they have.

Jeff’s mission is to help modern people acquire the situational awareness, skills and hope required to stay safe as civility unravels and millions succumb to Addiction To Modern Life. Jeff believes that modern people and societies can experience the same transformation that patients and families experience in the emergency room when they face imminent danger clearly and soberly. Individuals and entire societies can find strength and courage they don’t know they have.

Hope lies in a New American Revival™ … 1) Building Checks and Balances for the 21st Century that work, 2) Restoring an America where altruism triumphs over shamelessness and 3) Unleashing the vast reservoir of human decency and goodness that spontaneously surfaces during crises like 9/11 … when there’s NOT a crisis.

People with intact conscience must learn the skills that ER docs use in the emergency room to survive and thrive on the new frontier of rapidly accelerating dehumanization that is invisibly addicting millions and placing modern societies everywhere at risk of self-destruction, tyranny and collapse.